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【概要描述】你还在为你的颗粒机每天不断的打黄油么? 你的工人还在不断的消耗压辊轴承么? 你还在为颗粒机故障率高停机检修时间长而烦恼么? 要是有一台没烦恼的制粒机就好了?



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No-bearing and no eccentric shaft in roller assembly, so it avoid bearing usage in high temperature pelletizing area and thereby avoiding  adding grease intermittently.


The seal of roller assembly is not in one-piece (one-piece model needs to replace roller assembly timely and the cost will increase accordingly ), and bearing is not taken out to be lubricated (extra cooling device is needed and the cost will increase accordingly too ),what we do is to integrate it in gear box and  lubricated  by gear oil .




Only one professional cooling device can fix temperature-control problem and has advantage of small volume and high efficiency .The temperature in surface of roller shell keeps within 80℃ , and the temperature of ring die is within 90℃, oil in box is about 35℃.   And the bearing we use  is one of the most famous brand :Timken , and it shows no bearing loss after two years of producing experience .If limited using time , at least 3 years is no doubt . Meanwhile , no extra lubricated grease needed   , it save maintenance cost  about 10000 RMB each month .

If  improper operation  happens , for example , foreign matters like steel balls ,iron bars ,stones result in malfunction ,it only harm  ring die and roller ,but on any harm to driven  parts of machines , but at the same time we need pay attention to the pre-process of materials like sieving and iron-removal to avoid the unnecessary foreign matters entering with normal materials . 

Labor-cost saving ,  and one worker can finish all pelletizing process .

Withmultiply driving model (>3 class) and Inertia flywheel technology ,it realizes low power but large torque and connecting running rollerand stable ring die  which smooth pelletizing and increasing efficiency .

The improved structure of pelletizing chamber makes it much larger and with feeding vertically  , it works more smoothly even if processing easy-blocked materials like Palm silk, stringy bark of eucalyptus, big size of shavings and complicated composition of plastic, rubbish, and then fine grinding part is no needed before pelletizing .

Keeping stable ring die working methods is different with traditional hoop-embraced ,it is higher about 1 times in replacement .Removing more bolts and adjusting screw rod between roller and ring die which easy to adjust single one roller and has advantage of lock and reset in one key .New and old ring die and roller is replaced easily and no needed professional tools ,to reduce operating time and increase working efficiency .

Brand motor and bearing and high standard processing ensures 3 years Warranty(wearing part is not included and traditional pellet mill only has 1 year  Warranty)

The disadvantage of traditional  horizontal  420 and vertical 560:

① Oil consumption is about 2-4 bottles and even 10 bottles in one month ,price is 300 rmb/bottle 

② Roller bearing need to be replaced after working 30 days , even in 2 hours ,price is 70-90RMB each bearing , if better bearing , the price  is about 120-150RMB , more expensive .  there are  4 bearings in one pair of roller . so the total cost will be very higher . 

③ Operation by no-skilled workers would increase malfunction ratio and more maintenance cost .



1、环模: 6排*双层设计,总12排孔;内径628mm;单个环模价格8000元一个,寿命1200吨-1500吨(800-1000小时,双面的);


K628 solves ①② problems hereinbefore ,and more easier operation , and capacity is 1100t/month (sawdust pellet for example) ,  but the traditional capacity is only 600ton at the same power consumption )

K628 main wearing parts ,using time and price 

1. Ring die :6 rows *2 layers ,totally 12 rows ,inner diameter is 628mm .Price is 8000 RMB/pc , life  time :1200t-1500t  (800-1000hrs ,two layers)







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